Lord of the Rings Movie Night

We will be screening the first movie in the LOTR series, The Fellowship of the Ring, on Friday at 7:30pm in the Wolman Movie Theater.  This may not seem very spiritual to you, but the movie has great spiritual themes, and also, it’s just awesome.  Come prepare for the Hobbit, whether you’ve seen it a million times or never.  This is now a co-ed event.  :)  So invite friends!!

Friday Morning Prayer

It’s back.  Prayer and bagels.  Come pray for the campus with us on Friday from 9:15 to 9:45am in the Wolman lobby, then head to class or over to Einsteins for bagels.  We will start exactly at 9:15 so tell yourself 9:10 if you tend to run late!


Baltimore InterVarsity’s conference for students of Asian descent.  
November 3, 10am-7pm. Johns Hopkins University, $10.
Lunch and dinner included.  
Speakers: Kaylyn Myers (IV staff at UMBC) and Jeffery Song (JHU alum, grad student at Carnegie Mellon University).
More details and registration here: InterVarsityID.com